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Healthline Journal is providing a “Write for Us” opportunity to submit guest posts to our website. We are currently accepting submissions for topics related to dental health, diet and nutrition, general health, and lifestyle. Healthline Journal offers a platform for writers irrespective of their experience to showcase their passion and enthusiasm for writing. We publish articles that are unique, engaging, and informative. We advise our guest post contributors to keep the headings catchy and run plagiarism checks before submitting their articles. If your article has previously been published on other websites, we may reject your submission.

Please read the submission guidelines carefully and follow them to avoid getting your submission rejected.

Guest posting enables bloggers to enjoy quality backlinks, referral traffic and get branding by trusted websites. Blog owners on the other hand get to publish high-quality content specializing in the featured categories on their website.

Submission Guidelines

  • Your article should be 100% original content. It should be unique and fresh, we do not accept plagiarized material.
  • We accept articles that are 600+ words without the fluff.
  • Use a featured image to highlight the intent of your article, using infographics is encouraged.
  • Write for us and You will get the ‘dofollow’ link.
  • Posting adult,  inappropriate, or irrelevant content gets you rejected or even blocked, so DON’T!
  • Keep the target audience in mind and make your title catchy. The layout of your article should be clean highlighting the major points without appearing chaotic to the reader.
  • Conduct a keyword search to make your article SEO-friendly. Use Keywords so your post ranks easily.
  • We have the authority to modify or delete your content if your article fails to meet our submission guidelines.
  • Use bullet points, formatting, and grammar checks, and plagiarism checks on your content before submission.
  • Include a  brief author’s bio.

For more information regarding Guest posting please feel free to contact us.

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